Protection of Underwater Pipelines and Cables

Underwater pipelines and cables are often at threat of being caught by fishing vessels or vessels anchoring. The damage caused can be considerable not to mention disrupted supplies of power, communications or fuel.

Our surveillance systems provide 24/7 monitoring by providing:
  • Automating the monitoring of pipeline and cable routes
  • Providing user defined alarm zones over pipeline and cable routes
  • Automatic alarms when preset rules and triggers are broken (e.g if a vessel stops or is moving at trawling speed in the pipeline or cable zone)
  • Clear display of AIS and radar targets
  • Camera slue‐to‐cue by point and click on a target to identify it
  • Camera automatic tracking
  • Radio communications to warn vessels loitering in alarm zones
  • Multiple surveillance displays can be used in the system for operators and third parties
  • Providing an vessel database
  • Recording all activities, messages and alarms