The possibility of unauthorised access from the sea has up until recently been seen as an optional extra specified by only the most security conscious. However, in recent years, more and more effort has been invested in securing maritime assets against the actions of terrorists and saboteurs.

Developed for the protection of ports, harbours, high risk assets, VIPs, vessels and offshore installations, our range of innovative sonar and acoustic technologies represent a practical and cost effective solution to identifying subsea threats.

Automated tracking sonar technology enables underwater intruders to be reliably detected at long ranges, classified and differentiated from non-threats such as pleasure craft, large fish and cetaceans.

Small and lightweight, the sonar technology can be easily deployed in a vessel or harbour environment to provide 360 degrees of protection. It can operate as a stand-alone portable solution for rapid expeditionary deployment around the globe or configured with multiple, networked sonar heads so that very wide areas, such as large ports and entire water-front locations, can be permanently protected. It can be fully integrated with a Command and Control system.