Port Security

Approximately 90% of trade is transported by sea, so the global economy relies on shipping and therefore the reliability and continuous operation of ports worldwide that are used to load and unload cargo.

The security of those ports, the job of keeping watch and protecting against threats is a challenging task. Our surveillance solutions can increase vigilance and help protect against possible vulnerabilities. Using a combination of radar, cameras, AIS and other sensors our systems detect, track and identify vessels coming in and out of ports. Separating known and unknown targets allows operators to focus in on the vessels that may pose threats.

In addition to radar, we can integrate camera systems, AIS, LRAD and sonar to provide complete, 360° surveillance of surface and subsurface targets. Our radar Tracker can correlate the target information from multiple sensors to provide an integrated picture, while alarm zones based on proximity and other characteristics can detect and trigger events like sluing cameras or LRADs to a target and even to send out alerts.

In ports and harbours it is not enough to detect small vessels: the challenge is to discriminate threats from pleasure vessels. Our systems provide means to vet small targets and automatically identify friendly vessels.

A key requirement of modern surveillance systems is the ability to share intelligence and relevant information on threats and to allow complete situational awareness and rapid response. Systems can be shared with additional stakeholders or external agencies to view this information.

Wide-angle panoramic cameras are ideal for port security operations. Using these cameras, we combine its radar and track picture to provide a unique display, allowing operators to simultaneously view the camera images and radar data while managing tracks from either display.