High Risk Facilities

The protection of high risk assets including power plants, oil refineries, naval bases etc. is crucial. Assets facing open water with scattered facilities and responsibilities and the complex flow of people, goods and vessels, provide additional challenges.

We can provide integrated solutions to address these requirements with comprehensive protection above, on and below the water to provide complete surveillance coverage and a common operating picture with user definable alarm zones and rules based alerts to automatically raise the alarm if anomalies exist.

Typical sensor configurations incorporate radar, cameras, AIS and sonar to detect threats above and below the water. Where necessary, sensors can be networked so that very wide areas, such as large ports and entire water-front locations can be permanently protected. Command Centres can be operated locally and remotely depending on the scale of the project.

Automatic sonar tracking technology enables underwater intruders to be reliably detected at long ranges, classified and differentiated from non-threats such as pleasure craft, large fish and cetaceans. Small and lightweight sonar sensors can be easily deployed in a harbour environment to provide 360 degrees of protection.