Command & Control

The Command and Control (C2 – C4) system allows the near real-time information received from the sensor sites to be fused and unified, so as to obtain a common operating picture, facilitate decision-taking, communication and display what is happening in any present or past operation. Our Command and Control platform is a distributed, modular surveillance system that can provide a wide area surveillance network using common building blocks that are in use in over 700 installations worldwide.

The modular design provides a scalable architecture that allows surveillance solutions to range from a single standalone system to multi-site national or international distributed system, operating over a standard TCP/IP network. All sensors can be controlled and configured through the system interface.

The user interface is typically spilt over several screens, allowing the user to see all relevant information on the chart display on one screen with camera images, AIS information, vessel data and tracked target details on the other. Vessels can be identified using cameras and CCTV systems that are integrated into the surveillance system. The camera locations are indicated as icons that are displayed over the chart, allowing operators to easily identify the appropriate camera where required.