Baybridge consults, advises, selects and procures the most appropriate radar hardware and software, meeting even the most demanding detection requirement of small fast vessels used by pirates, insurgents and terrorists.

We can integrate to most commercial and military radars, so existing radars can be utilized in new surveillance solutions. All systems are IP based so can be networked to cover large areas of coast line.

Depending on the performance required and budget available, we can implement magnetron or solid state radars and a range of antennas to provide the optimum performance depending on the required radar location and prevailing conditions.

Radar systems include high performance networked radar processors with advanced signal processing, tracking, and image generation capabilities. A radar processor can provide radar image and track data to remote Command stations and multiple radar processors can be networked together to provide a composite picture of large surveillance areas.

As single-source systems integration expert, we are able to provide professional advice to our customers on all aspects of the design and implementation of surveillance systems, including the equipment, site selection and installation. We help our customers by identifying exactly what is needed to supply the optimum solution as cost effectively as possible.