Shipboard Surveillance

Commercial radars are designed to meet navigational safety requirements, however, Navy and Coast Guard vessels require higher performance radars that support security, search and rescue and law enforcement. In addition, some commercial vessels in high risk areas require on-board piracy detection and security systems. Our surveillance systems are designed to meet these tactical requirements. Connecting the current radars to our advanced radar processors, allows the creation of a new high performance surveillance system. The enhanced radar and AIS tracks can be used on-board and data can be fed back to the Command and Control Centre to increase the surveillance area to include the area around the vessel.

We are able to integrate new or existing radars (including military radars) from most manufacturers as well as AIS, IFF, camera systems and sonar to provide a Common Operational Picture.

Piracy detection and deterrent systems are provided by combing radar, AIS, cameras and non-lethal deterrents such as LRAD. These systems can be monitored and managed on-board the vessel or managed remotely from a land-based Command Centre.

Ship to Ship / Ship to Shore track sharing can be achieved allowing shipboard and land-based operators to share real-time track information to help facilitate a variety of different missions. These tracks can be disseminated over a variety of communication links including satellite, cellular, radio, and microwave.

Encrypted AIS (otherwise known as Blue Force Tracking) allows land-based operators to quickly identify and locate their own vessels in their area of operation and in operations centres can securely send and receive text messages with their friendly assets. In addition, designated Targets of Interest can be shared during joint operations.