Oil and Gas Installations

Securing offshore platforms requires ensuring the safety of personnel and protecting a multi-million dollar operation. In addition to collision avoidance, common multiple security threats can include terrorism, insurgency, piracy, fishing encroachment, blast fishing and sea robbers. These threats are more real today than ever before after pirates and terrorist organisation successes in holding the commercial shipping industry to ransom and the relative ease of taking these remote assets.

Tackling such threats requires careful analysis and implementation of radar, AIS, cameras and other sensors capable of detecting small and fast vessels normally used for these illegal activities. The ability to detect and recognise a potential threat early is crucial to providing time to take actions to prevent the potential threat becoming a real one.

Our surveillance solutions help in the prevention of such threats by providing remote operation of the command centres, including other stakeholders, such as operators, government and enforcement agencies as well as emergency response centres.

In addition to our surveillance systems, we can provide practical physical barriers, armoured shutters and citadels which can provide practical denial of access to the platforms and protection of crew.